The history of the Near West Side is, in many ways, the history of Milwaukee. From the 1870s through the 1930s, the area just west and north of downtown reflected many of the threads in Milwaukee’s industrial and social fabric. The Near West Side History Project takes you back to the “Roaring Twenties,” when two Marquette University students each undertake a journey that together trace many of the contours of this dynamic neighborhood.

Explore the Near West Side in the 1920s

Journey around the Near West Side in the 1920s with Marquette students as they acquaint themselves with their new neighborhood. Each student follows a unique path around the Near West Side, stopping at iconic sites and points of interest throughout the neighborhood.

Explore the Near West Side with Emmett Sweeney
, a freshman at Marquette making his way through the neighborhood in the fall of 1923.

Discover the Marquette campus as it was in 1929 with Mary Faye Brown, a nursing student, and her parents.