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Explore the Near West Side with Emmett

Emmett SweeneyI'm Emmett Sweeney, a freshman at Marquette and the class president of my year in the Arts & Sciences college. One Saturday morning, before the big football game, I was walking down Grand Avenue when a group of senior guys came up to me. They said "Where ya goin', Freshie?" I told them I was taking a walk around campus. One guy who looked like he should've been playing in the game that afternoon responded, "How about you prove yourself and represent the Arts and Sciences in the interdepartmental challenge?"

When I asked them what the challenge was, they explained that each department chose a freshman who would compete to win his department a $50 check from Pabst Brewing Company to donate towards the fundraiser for a new football stadium. I agreed, and they had me get in a car, where they proceeded to blindfold me and tell me about what was about to happen.

Click the "Right" arrow on the map below to follow my journey through the Near West Side! Scroll down in the informational boxes to finish the narrative and see pictures of the building or subjects. In addition to my experience, clicking on the site points also reveals the history of those buildings and provides a link to see more pictures and learn more about that building. 

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